Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lab #3: Commercial Analysis

Commercial #1: The Crazy Life

I would say this a pretty powerful commercial. Is this what our nation has come to? Uploading music while in labor, texting while praying in church? Given this commercial is a little over the top but if you think about it we are not to far from living this extreme techno-obsessed lifestyle. Imagine a scenario that is very common in typical families today:
 A father wanting to take his wife and kids out for some family fun. His daughter is to busy texting her boyfriend to even take her eyes off her cell phone screen and his son is so engaged in his X-Box game that he hasn't even noticed his dad talking to him. His wife is in her office doing work because "somebody has to support this family" and she can't stop becuase one of her co-workers just might get ahead of her. The father gave in and forgot all about it, it was obviously too much to ask of his family. If things had been different this typical family WOULD have gone out together maybe to a movie or to the park. They could have invited their neighbor or the daughter could have invited her boyfriend instead of just texting him all day. They could have run into a friend of the son's and they could have talked about the latest sport stats. None of this happened because they were to fixed in on their own personal needs. They could have gained so much social capital in that one evening not to mention all the times they have turned down their dad's idea of having fun together but they didn't. Instead they paid attention to what they personally wanted and in the end its going to come back to haunt them.

Commercial #2: It's Magic!

This next commercial has a lady singing in the background saying: "Oh it's magic" Some of the reason people are becoming more anti-social is because technology is always there for you. The excitement of what the cell phone companies are going to come out with next is a great feeling to have. People are disappointing and unpredictable. In a world where things are falling apart, people can always rely on their iPhone to always have Facebook, Twitter, Email, Games Music and so much more right there for them. Have you ever seen anybody that has lost or broken their cell phone? I mean the people that are work-a-holics that literally live their life on their cell phone? They are a complete and total mess. They don't know what to do with themselves. Most likely these people don't have a lot of social capital because without their technological life going full speed ahead they don't have a life. If they had built real live relationships with the people in their lives everyday they would see that there is so much more to life than what your customers are buying all the way in Japan. Those customers in Japan can't help you if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, they can't lend you an egg if are one short of making a cake like your next door neighbors can. So the next time you get excited to see that Verizon has a new phone that has a screen that flips around 15 different ways just say to yourself...WHO CARES?!

Commercial #3: Apple iPhone
On the other hand, this commercial shows how some technology actually can bring us together. It shows how if you have help from technological things like the iPhone family trips can be easier. I know that when my family goes on a family trip it takes A LOT of planning. Without technologies help our family fun would just turn into disaster. Sometimes people wonder if it is worth all of the hassle to go through with a family vacation.    More and more people are getting the iPhone and  that means they are gaining the confidence and courage to plan these big family vacations without being a nervous wreck the whole time. More vacations means more social capital!!! Whoop!!


  1. I really like this lab! Those were really good commercials!


  2. i really enjoyed your video (mostly because i was in it ) and the questions you asked. it was interesting seeing what other people said about who they trusted :)